Managing Technologies for Europe.

Welcome to eutema,

the expert for strategic technology management.

Since 2001 we develop strategies in the area of technology development for our clients. We successfully realize these strategies in co-operation with our European partner network.

Our clients appreciate our technical competence as much as our year-long national and international experience. We develop research strategies, manage complex technology initiatives or plan and realize international research projects.

We support industry in developing and realizing complex funding projects, provide consulting in national and EU-funding schemes and support them in the strategic orientation of technology policy in Austria and the EU.

For our clients in the public sector, we develop research strategies, manage research programmes, and maintain communication with a diverse range of target groups.

In the area of research policy and technology policy, we perform evaluations of technology initiatives and research programmes and deliver strategic technology studies.

Network Europe

Our contacts with companies and public authorities in Austria and the EU provide rapid access to partners, projects, and financing.