Innovation & Technology Transfer

eutema assists national Organisations and the European Commission in Technology Transfer. Technologies can be transferred into new (geographic) Markets as well as into new applications.

  1. eutema is assisting Technology Transfer between researchers and farmers in the EP Project RTD2Farm. This is a special challenge as farmers, especially in small and medium sized farms, rely on knowledge handed down from generation to generation. It requires trustworthy facilitators to change established structures, activities and habits. The cooperation of research centres, industry, veterinarians, training facilities and farmers unions covers all links in the technology and innovation transfer chain. The feedback from farmers to researchers and industry give valuable input to the research community.
  2. IT supported Information transfer is taken for granted in high-tech industries. Every year the European Commission spends billions on eco-innovation funding. Several of these innovations are still lacking implementations. The EU Project EcoWeb collects this information and provides stakeholders with relevant and up-to date information in a semantic database. EcoWeb builds on existing networks i.e. lobbyists, clusters as well as regional and sectorial networks. The combination of a self-creating database and existing transfer networks allows for real-time transfer of pinpointed information.
  3. Insects as the protein source of the future: outside of eth EU Insects are an important protein source. The highly efficient conversion of plant raw materials into high value proteins by insects is an important factor in securing the protein demand of the EU. Using insects as a source of feed (and food) is common in several regions. The EU Project PROteINSECT will transfer existing technologies between EU and third countries in Asia and Africa to foster sustainable cooperation.