About us

eutema was founded in 2001 as a consultancy with a focus on research management. Our original focus has shifted towards strategy consulting and technology management. Our original group of customers from the public sector has expanded to industry and smaller enterprises from Germany and Austria. We perform a number of projects in co-operation with the European Commission. In this way, our network in Europe has expanded and now includes international countries such as China and Australia.


The team at eutema builds on a broad background of technical capabilities and year-long experience as research managers, scientists, EU contact points and project managers. We provide personal contacts to the EC and national institutions in research and technology.


Erich Prem has a degree in informatics and a doctorate in technical sciences from Vienna University of Technology. He was a scientist at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI) and at the AI Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (USA). He is the author of more than 40 scientific publications.

Dr. Prem has worked in many national and international research projects as a scientist or project leader. He was the Head of Unit Information and Communication Technologies at the Bureau for International Research and Technology Co-operation. He  also was the Austrian expert in the Information Society Technologies Committee of the EU and the programme manager for the Austrian ICT research program FIT-IT. Erich Prem is an evaluator for IT research of the European Commission. He also is managing director of IEA II Beteiligungen GmbH active in private equity.

Division Manager Biotechnology

Georg Melzer-Venturi has a degree in Food- and Biotechnology from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), a degree in Engineering Management from Oakland University (USA) and a degree in Pedagogics form the College of Agricultural- and Environmental Pedagogics. He completed his master thesis in Biotechnology at the Centre for Nano-Biology (BOKU) and the UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology at the University of New South Wales (AUS).

Dipl. Ing. Melzer-Venturi has worked in many national and international research projects as a PR or project leader. He worked for the Information and Communication Technologies Unit at the Bureau for International Research and Technology Co-operation and as an evaluator for the European Commission.